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Australian Institute of International Affairs: Address "The future of the global economy"

Is the sluggish performance of the global economy just a stubborn hangover from the Global Financial Crisis or are more fundamental forces at work, making the slowdown long lasting? As populations continue to age, a global savings glut has appeared and investment opportunities are harder to find. At the same time, consumer spending in developed countries continues to be weak. Wages are flat for lower-income earners and the middle is being hollowed out. In the  digital age, routine jobs - both skilled and unskilled - will be replaced by robots. Non-routine jobs in personals services will expand but they will be low paying and insecure. Non-routine jobs at the top end will pay extraordinarily well but will be fewer in number. inequality will worsen in both developed and developing countries. Dr Craig Emerson will explore these trends and propose new policy prescriptions for dealing with them.

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Later Event: June 15
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